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Dextris Internship Program

Dextris Internship Programme; a part of our corporate social responsibility is a six week professional internship program designed for fresh high school students

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Dextris Seminars

At Dextris Consulting we offer seminar and corporate retreats for organizations that are geared toward increasing individual and work place productivity.

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Dextris ERP software Packages

Our tailor made Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for business organizations can give your organization the competitive advantage it needs to thrive in the fierce market of today.

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At Dextris we are committed to delivering world class service tailored to the needs of your organization

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About Us

Dextris Consulting is a consulting firm that helps companies improve the way they engage and interact with their customers. Dextris has at its disposal a pool of experienced and innovative consultants across Nigeria. Our efforts are focused on understanding the needs of our clients and familiarizing ourselves with your landscape. By utilizing methods of discovery, […]

Vision, Mission and Values

Vision Statement   Dextris plan embodies a road-map for realizing a vision for the Dextris brand, organization and team by the year 2020. This vision means being: The most recognized independent brand in the emerging research-based consulting space   A critical mass of repeat clients, together with strong, sustained growth in new clients   A thriving team […]

What We Do

Dextris Internship Program Dextris Internship Program is a 6-week professional internship program designed specifically for high school students and/or fresh high school graduates. The program is geared towards helping participants to; Gain firsthand knowledge about their desired career fields. Understand and develop skills employers seek Expand their view of the world as related to their […]